Aluminum Door And Window Energy Saving Two

First, push-pull window is by Japanese innermost sliding-sliding door development and come, two sash are opened in slide course on window frame and close, opening window area is the half of window frame.The size of hot and cold air convection is proportional to the size of the upper and lower gap of the window sash. Because of the extension of the use time, the hair body on the surface of the sealing wool strip is worn, the upper and lower gap of the window is increased and the convection is increased, and the energy consumption is more serious.The energy-saving effect of sliding window made of aluminum alloy or plastic steel is not ideal.Can say, the structure that push-pull window decided it is not ideal energy-saving window.

Second, casement Windows are divided into internal and external casement Windows.Regular aluminum alloy casement, the sash and sash, sash and sash between the window frame are generally good rubber to do sealing batten.Window sash closed, sealing rubber laminating pressure is very tight, sealing performance is very good, it is difficult to form convection.The heat loss of this window type is mainly the heat conduction and radiation of glass and window sash profiles.If this problem can be solved, the energy-saving effect of casement window will be guaranteed.Tell from structure, level opening a window should have obvious advantage than push pull a window.The casement window can be called a real energy-saving window.

Third, the window frame of the fixed window is embedded in the wall, the glass is directly installed on the window frame, and the four sides of the contact of the glass and the window frame are sealed with sealant.Under normal circumstances, with good water tightness and air tightness, it is difficult for air to form convection through sealant, so the convection heat loss is very little.The heat conduction of glass and window frames is the source of heat loss.Fixed window is the most ideal window type with energy saving effect.

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