Aluminum Door And Window Energy Saving One

The structure of aluminium alloy doors and Windows undoubtedly plays a crucial role in its energy saving effect, so in order to achieve good energy saving effect, it is necessary to have a reasonable structure as far as possible.

To achieve the effect of saving energy, we must consider from the point of thermodynamics.Heat exchange in thermodynamics is divided into convection, conduction and radiation.Of course, these three ways are also applicable to building aluminum doors and Windows and curtain walls.Convection is the circulating flow of hot and cold air between aluminum doors and Windows, which leads to heat exchange and heat loss.

Conduction is the transfer of heat from one surface of the object itself to another relative surface, and the transfer of heat is carried out by molecular motion.Radiation is the direct transfer of energy in the form of rays, or infrared rays.No matter the window that what material makes, if can undertake the most effective block to aforesaid 3 kinds of heat exchange, can call best energy-saving window.Someone says “plastic steel window is energy-saving window” is obviously not exact.

Reduce the loss of heat, the waste of energy, is not simply the problem of using plastic or aluminum, we should consider how to reduce the loss of heat (or air conditioning) from three main aspects, really play the role of energy saving.The first, want to consider from the structural design of the window.Second, the large area of window heat dissipation is glass, rather than window frame, glass accounts for 70% ~ 90% of the area of different types of Windows.Plate glass, coated glass, hollow glass, low-E glass, low-E hollow glass have energy saving effect, but the degree is different.In different areas, different buildings require different functions of Windows, which kind of glass can not replace another kind of glass.Third, the window frame material energy saving.Aluminum alloy window type commonly used in building, generally for sliding window, casement window and fixed window.

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