Which Is Good? Square, Circular Arc, Or Diamond?

Square: Founder shower cubicles can let whole shower room space scale is coordinated, use rise relatively loose also a bit; Square shower cubicles, commonly used in toilet relatively square in the small toilet, often is in a certain corner reserved a square little space just suits; Because the pure square shower pattern is more square, if two pieces of glass are used to do the shower room, a sharp corner will be formed outside the shower room, so in ordinary families, two sides of glass Angle to do the square shower room is relatively rare.

Circular arc: The shower cubicles of circular arc, as a result of open the door means and close the mouth design inconvenience, in ordinary family decorate in apply also to be rarer, more irregular modelling design, to toilet such small space is not used for very friendly.

Diamond: The shower cubiclesof diamond form can open the door on the glass among, in guarantee the foundation of ample space of shower cubicles interior, there is sharp horn outside can avoid shower cubicles again, it is a kind of more practical and comfortable shower room type.In addition, the shower cubicles of diamond form is used at relatively Founder in small toilet very appropriate also, can let room of toilet, shower, lavabo reasonably triangle is distributed.

In relatively long and narrow toilet door model, can consider to rely on window area to lie between commonly come out to do shower cubicles, and the design of isolation dry wet area can use glass sliding door/level open the door, let lavabo, closestool, shower room presents linear pattern to decorate.

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