• ◆ The glass stair railing is beautiful in appearance, and the steel glass staircase is full of lines and full of fashion. It is more popular among young people.
  • ◆ Long life and safety, even if the overall tempered glass is damaged, it will not fall and hurt people.
  • ◆ The space can be enlarged visually, and the space is brighter and more atmospheric. It can not only meet the different personalized needs of decoration users, but also make people shine and watch the changes. It attracts the attention of many decoration lovers, adds luster to home decoration, and has the best decoration effect.
  • ◆ The natural texture can bring out a noble and atmospheric feeling in a timely manner, and it is easy to match the color of the floor and the style of the room.
  • ◆ Easy to install, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for home decoration.

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