1. Different production processes

Ordinary aluminum: the base material as an anode, placed in the electrolyte for electrolysis, artificially forming a layer of protective oxide film on the surface of the base material to form aluminum oxide.
Electrophoretic aluminum: the aluminum oxide as the anode, placed in water-soluble emulsion solution, through direct current, artificially deposited on the surface of the aluminum oxide film coating film protective layer to form electrophoretic aluminum.

    1. Different corrosion resistance

Electrophoretic aluminum has higher corrosion resistance than ordinary aluminum. Electrophoretic aluminum is the best anti-corrosion varieties of building mortar, surface corrosion resistance can be very high, can effectively prevent acid, alkali. Salt erosion.

    1. Different performance life

Electrophoretic aluminum has a longer performance life than ordinary aluminum. Electrophoretic aluminum has a life span of at least 50 years, even if the environment is harsh, but also can maintain no corrosion, no fading, no aging.

    1. Different degrees of smoothness

Electrophoretic aluminum has a more delicate and smooth surface than ordinary aluminum. Electrophoretic aluminum appearance than ordinary aluminum more bright bright, magnificent.

    1. Paint film hardness is different

The coating hardness of electrophoretic aluminum is higher than that of ordinary aluminum. Electrophoretic aluminum can withstand more than 3H aluminum pen hardness painting.

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