• ◆ The design and construction of the curtain wall should not only follow the laws of aesthetics, but also the requirements of the laws of building mechanics, physics, optics, structure, etc., so as to be safe, applicable, economical and beautiful.
  • ◆ The decorative curtain wall of the building is composed of a metal frame and a panel. It does not bear the load and role of the main structure, and the building envelope can have a small displacement relative to the main structure. Requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation. So what material is the curtain wall made of? There are four types of materials used in curtain wall engineering, namely framework materials, plates, sealing and caulking materials, and structural bonding materials.
  • ◆ The decorative curtain wall project can be divided into glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall, concrete curtain wall and combined curtain wall according to different curtain facing materials. The most common ones are glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls and metal curtain walls.

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