The curtain wall is required to resist temperature changes:

  • ■ When the external temperature changes, the structure will shrink and expand. If no measures are taken, the structure will be squeezed and squashed in summer; it will break in winter. Therefore, the long road should be divided, and the long building should be divided into several parts with temperature joints to reduce the influence of temperature changes.
  • ■ Long buildings can be divided into several parts with vertical temperature joints; but high-rise buildings cannot be cut into several parts with horizontal joints, because the floor after horizontal joints cannot be hung.
  • ■ Since the temperature change problem of high-rise buildings cannot be solved by segmentation, there is only one way out: surround the entire structure with the building’s curtain wall, keep it indoors, and the temperature will no longer change, and the structure will not be damaged. Ensure the safety of the main structure. This is one of the main reasons why high-rise buildings must adopt architectural curtain walls.
  • ■ Traditional brick walls and block walls are filled in the plane of beams and columns, and some beams and columns are exposed to the outdoor atmosphere and are directly affected by temperature changes. Therefore, infill walls cannot solve the problem of temperature changes and are difficult to apply to high-rise buildings.

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