The Advantage Of Frameless Balcony Window

The window is the eye that occupies the home, and the encapsulation of the balcony can reflect the bright degree of this eye more.What traditional balcony encapsulates uses is model steel window or aluminum alloy window, increased horizontal frame to stand above all.
Second, the window sash can not be all opened, and each home independent packaging, specifications and shapes are not unified, affecting the overall beauty.And frameless balcony window abandoned the traditional idea that people encapsulates to the balcony above all, guide a person to regard the balcony as the new concept of leisure space of modern bedroom home, put forward the indoor space theory of outdoor and indoor space in outdoor.


  1. Good lighting.Via experiment test, the daylighting effect of inclined roof window is taller than general window 10% above.The lights can be switched on one hour later each day.
  2. Insulate.The hollow glass heat transfer coefficient that inclined roof skylight uses is smaller than general glass 2.5-4 times.Someone has done an experiment in season of hot day of guangdong, below same environmental condition, the indoor of general glazing should open air conditioner 10 times a day, and the indoor that contains hollow glass should open 3 times only.
  3. Sound insulation and noise prevention.The hollow glass of inclined roof skylight can block noise of 30 decibel above.
  4. The inclined roof skylight adopts the middle rotation open mode, which is convenient for the airflow to enter the room. Even in the middle of winter, it will not make the cold wind blow on the face, but gently make the indoor air become fresh;Switch for easy skylight.

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