Tips for shower room maintenance :

1.Maintenance of tempered glass:

Avoid breakage, do not hit or knock the toughened glass with sharp objects. When there are limescale stains, use a soft dry cloth and a neutral cleaning wipe to wipe. Do not wipe with liquid or rough surface materials to avoid scratches. If there is a scratch or damage, the manufacturer’s after-sales service should be notified as soon as possible, and replacement or repair should be given.

2.Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame:

Do not expose to direct sunlight or exposure to the sun, otherwise the spray layer will fade; as with tempered glass, corrosive liquids and rough materials (including toothpaste) cannot be used to wipe the surface; do not use sharp objects to mark the surface, such as aluminum If stains appear on the surface, use neutral plaster to wipe.

3.Maintenance of hardware accessories:

Push-pull shower doors currently have two methods: pulley and slider. Pulleys and sliders should avoid impacts caused by excessive force during use, so as not to cause the sliding door to be unstable and fall off. Pay attention to regularly clean the sliders, pulleys, slide rails, regularly add lubricant, and adjust the adjustment screws of the sliders. Guarantee normal use.

4.Maintenance of bathtub and chassis:

Acrylic materials have three things: do not use sharp objects to hit the tip surface; do not use corrosive liquids to wipe the surface; do not use rough materials to wipe the surface, so as to avoid surface damage, damage to gloss, scratches, etc. When cleaning the bottom basin and walls of the shower room, use a soft dry cloth. If there is slight dirt, use a sponge dipped in neutral detergent or a soft cloth to clean it, and then use alcohol to remove it.

Give yourself a safe and comfortable shower!!!

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