Glass Railing Stainless Steel

A glass railing is a product that can be connected and combined with glass and accessories, or an all-glass structure without any frame and connecting parts.



Product Details

Glass railings are generally used to match the top grade stairs in public places such as hotel lobbies and high-class buildings. Its luxurious texture and excellent light transmission cannot be replaced by other materials such as wood or metal.

Glass railing uses glass as the main part of the railing instead of the traditional material like brick, masonry, wood or metal. It must be safety glass. 

On one hand,glass railing  is the best choice of fence for top grade buildings and occasions, with the advantages of beautiful outlook, sturdy and durable structure, safety, long life, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc.

On the other hand, variety of glass railing types allows various design styles.Glass railing is close to modern style. More and more people fall in love with its concision.

 It meets the needs of the development of the times and responds to the strategic guideline of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. In people's lives, it will become an ideal product for safety enclosure and decoration isolation.

Product Name

Stainless Steel Railing


Stainless Steel 304

Surface Treatment



All will be provided,including screws


8mm Tempered Glass

12mm Tempered Glass

Or without glass

Applicable places


Trade term


Payment term

T/T, L/C


50 Meters or other



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