Double Glazed Aluminum Casement Window

Should I choose single glass or double glass when buying aluminum alloy windows? The difference between double-glazed windows and single-glazed windows: double-glazed casement windows have better sound insulation.


Product Description

Aluminum Casement Window: Compared with single-layer glass casement windows, double-layer glass casement windows have better sound insulation and higher safety. Aluminum double-glazed windows can reduce noise pollution and provide residents with a quieter living environment. For a more comfortable living environment, people are more inclined to buy double-glazed windows.

Aluminum Window Specifications


Type Aluminum Casement Window


1. Aluminum Profile 6063T-5 (can be customized).

2. Thickness 1.2-2.0mm (can be customized).

3. Most popular color can be option: Black powder coating/Wood grain/other.

Glass Double Glazing


Hardware Germany and China popular brands

1. Different brands, different grades and different prices of accessories are available to meet your needs.

2. The opening and closing operation is simple and convenient, its floor space is small, and the appearance is simple and beautiful.

3. Aluminium doors and windows can be customized, please provide specific size


Carton, bubble, shrink film

Product Details

● Profile, Glass, Hardware, Finished Product, etc.

Products Process

The production process of Aluminum Casement Window includes the following:

● Raw Materials (Aluminum Alloy)

● Production (sawing, corner key cutting, drilling, face milling, stamping, etc.)

● Assembly (Glass glueing, etc)

● Packing (Customized Package)

● Shipment


Q: Can I come to your factory before I make the order?

A: Of course. Welcome to visit us, our factory is located in Shunde District, Foshan city, it is about 50 minutes far away from Guangzhou, if needed we will arrange car to pick you up.

Q: What is your warranty? What do we do in case of problems?

A: We promise to provide a ten-year warranty, including that the frame will not fade or fall, and the hardware and accessories can work normally under correct operation..

Welcome to contact us for more details!!!



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