Aluminium Casement Window With Mosquito Net

Modern Aluminium Casement Window with Mosquito Net can prevent mosquitoes and dust from entering the room, and have a certain decorative effect, which are widely loved by guests.


Aluminium Casement Window with Mosquito Net VS Aluminium Casement Window: The first, strong air tightness, strong water tightness, strong heat insulation. Second, the windows with screens are designed with a structural drainage system based on the principle of pressure balance, with drainage outlets, smooth drainage and good water tightness. Third, the structure is carefully designed and the joints are tight, and the air sound insulation can reach 30-40db, which can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway are not disturbed by noise and keep the interior quiet.

Aluminium Casement Window with Mosquito Net Detail :

Product Name

Aluminium Casement Window with Mosquito Net



Aluminium profile or thermal break profile

Standard: 1.2mm thickness aluminium profile

Thickness can be customized

Surface Treatment

●Powder Coating



●Wood Grain

●Color can be customized


●Single or double tempered glass

●Laminated glass

●Low-e glass

●Glass type, thickness, color can be customized


●Stainless steel security mesh

●Aluminium security mesh

●Fiberglass fly screen

●Retractable fly screen


●3H Brand

●Kinlong Brand



Depends on size, type, glass type and thickness,quantity


Free design service after confirmation PI


All details can be discussed and adjusted

Advantages of Aluminium Casement Window with Mesh:

●The main function of gauze is to prevent mosquitoes and flying insects from flying into the room.

●In addition, The gauze can prevent some dust and debris from entering the room.

●Gauze has a decorative effect, but to a certain extent it will block the line of sight.

●It can also prevent some tiny items from falling outside.




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