Select Four Methods Of Aluminum Alloy Door Lock(2)

Third, look at the key

There are many types of keys, generally divided into word keys (ordinary keys and Angle keys), cross keys, computer keys,Cylinder key, different key configuration of the door key is not the same, ordinary key and cross key configuration of the door lock price is relatively cheap, but the anti-theft performance is poor, belongs to the A-level door lock.As anti-theft performance is lower, the public security department publicity of class B and class C is used, the two kinds of door lock manufacturing process is higher, the more complex the key pattern of imitation of the smaller the chance of success, some brands such as luxury big tino hardware goods door lock has a unique password card, if must rely on the password with a new key card to the designated professional body to match the key, greatly improve the security performance.

Fourth, see the implementation standard of the lock

There are very strict standards and regulations for hardware locks abroad, so the quality of imported products is relatively higher.We can feel the locks with our hands.Generally speaking, the locks that feel heavy are of relatively high quality.The lock body should not expose the tip, which is easy to hurt people. In particular, attention should be paid to the end of the lock handle, the lock tongue and the four corners of the lock body.Lock spring good open flexible, high sensitivity, long service life.Locks also exist in a variety of styles, be sure to pay attention to the style of the indoor door to keep consistent.

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