How To Customize Shower Cubicle Size

1.Standard shower room size:
Usually the ceiling height is 2.4 meters, so the height of the shower room is mostly 180cm to 200cm. It can also be adjusted according to the height of the home and the actual space. It also needs to pay attention to the location of the shower. It is too low to splash outward.

2.Curved shower room size:
The arc shower room is divided into circular arc shape, J shape, G shape and different arc shapes, and the size of the shower room is also different. Full curved double sliding door sliding door shower room size 1000x1000x1900mm rectangular arc (J-shaped) integrated valve sliding door shower room size 900x1200x1900mm.The minimum size of the curved shower room is 900x900mm or 800x1000mm. If the size is small, it is inconvenient for the family to take a bath.

3.Square shower room size:
The standard size of the square shower room is 800x1000mm, 900x900mm and 1000x1000mm. Can also be customized according to different sizes. The square shower room with sliding sliding door can save space, and the flat opening will hinder the placement of bathroom products in the external space. Everyone should decide how to open the door based on the layout of the items in the bathroom.

4.Diamond shaped shower room size:
The standard diamond-shaped shower room mainly has 900x900mm, 900x1200mm, 1000x1000mm and 1200x1200mm sizes.If the standard size does not meet your needs, you can choose non-standard customization. Generally, the size of the intermediate glass is the same, but the length and width of the double side are added or subtracted, but the price is relatively expensive. The minimum size of the diamond-shaped shower room should not be less than 800×800mm, otherwise the activities will be limited and the bath will not be smooth.

5.Shower room minimum size:
The minimum size of the shower room should not be less than 800x800mm, and the height should not be less than 1850mm. Otherwise, the activity is limited, and the person’s raised hand is higher than the shower room, so the bath is not smooth!

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