Regular Maintenance

  • (1) Clean with solvent.Use solvents such as xylene, toluene, inorganic alcohol or ether to remove grease and glazing materials and rinse and rinse. Be careful not to use too strong solvents to avoid damage to the sealant of the fixed glass.
  • (2) Normal cleaning and bleaching.The glass should be washed frequently, rinsed and wiped dry, especially during the construction period, should use soft, clean, dust-free cloth and neutral soap, detergent or slightly acidic cleaning solvent. After washing, rinse with clean water immediately, and then wipe off the remaining water with a clean squeegee. Because fingerprints, oil stains, stains, dust, scum, sealant residue, scratches, and any surface scratches on coated glass are more conspicuous than ordinary glass, we are managing and cleaning the coating Be extra careful when glazing. Therefore, the coated glass may require frequent cleaning during the entire project, and interlayer plates should always be used between the coated glass window panels.
  • (3) Surface damage.Contaminated by concrete, alkali-containing or fluorine-containing substances sometimes released from concrete or building masonry during storms may stain or corrode the glass. The concrete structure in front of the window arch should be designed so that the dripping water will not drip. Onto the glass. When manufacturing prefabricated slabs and other concrete wall materials, they should be fully mixed to make them uniform hydrates and fully solidified. The surface treatment of concrete (acidification sandblasting, rock drilling, grouting, waterproofing materials, etc.) should be Finished before installing the glass, and the broken pieces should be removed.

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