Periodic inspection:

  • ■ During the warranty period, the supplier shall organize regular inspections and return visits to quickly eliminate hidden quality hazards
  • ■ Check the tape and glue at any time. If you find that the tape and glue are off or damaged, please replace or repair. Most domestic and imported silicone rubbers must pass a national-designated testing unit for compatibility testing before use. Please note that repairs must wait until fully cured (24h) before proceeding. The damage should be removed during repair, and the length should be greater than 2/3.
  • ■ Clean with window cleaner regularly.
  • ■ Surface repair: repair partial damage or scratches of paint. Brown finish and white finish: BOSNY
  • ■ Check: One is the surface inspection method: visually inspect the surface for damage. The second is the internal inspection method: check whether the glass is damaged, if the glass is damaged, please replace it. Regularly check the connectors for corrosion and looseness. Whether the hardware has dysfunction. Whether the rubber strip is peeled off or broken and whether the glue is defective. Check whether the parts are damaged. Whether the glass has condensation.

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