Glass maintenance:

  • ◆ An important part of the curtain wall is glass, and glass is a vulnerable part, so management and protection are very important.
  • ◆ Extensive circulation of air in the storage area is necessary. Especially in high temperature and cycle temperature cycle should pay more attention. If conditions do not allow them to be stored indoors, they should be covered with tarpaulin or plastic to prevent wind and rain from inflowing water, and the cover should be opened regularly to check for condensation.
  • ◆ The glass must be covered with an opaque protective cover, and must not be stored directly under the sun. All types of glass should be placed upright at an angle of 5°-7° to the vertical and leaning against a solid straight wall. The top and bottom edges of all glass should be cushioned with oil felt and separated with protective cardboard or other oil felt. If the glass is laid flat, the surface must be covered with linoleum to prevent dust, sand glass or other contaminants.
  • ◆ Protection during construction. In buildings, bright flags, ribbons, etc. are usually used to hang near the glass or glued to the front of window frames, side pillars or window sills to mark the space for installing glass. Do not let the rope directly touch the glass, and do not directly apply marks or paint on the glass surface. If welding, cutting, sandblasting or other construction techniques that may damage the glass are used near glass, plywood or plastic, plywood or plastic board must be used. The plates act as a tight isolation layer to prevent them from affecting or even damaging the glass.

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