Heat And Sound Insulation Aluminium Casement Window

◆ Opening method: flat open, open outside and hanging, open inside and down, open inside and outside yarn, magnetically controlled louver.

◆ Main material configuration: The profile is selected from “high-quality titanium-magnesium alloy”, the hardware is selected from “imported Haobo”, and the glass is equipped with 5 + 24A + 5 as standard.

◆ Features: Unique inner-opening and inner-opening mode, the appearance of visual effects is noble and atmospheric, and the lines are tough. The 14.8mm “|” type heat insulation strip design is adopted. The heat insulation material has high strength, high and low temperature resistance performance, and improves the heat insulation of the whole window. Easy to use and large opening area. The profile comes with a screen slot, which can be equipped with a screen window.

◆ Safety concealed hinge: when closed, the hydraulic wind support retracts the strut and hides between the sash and the frame; the switch buffer device prevents the sash from moving too fast due to excessive force and slamming the hand in the outside And so on.

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