Good Advice For Buying Shower Cubicles

About shower room, the shower room of all sorts of style design is being flooded in the market at present.

According to the structure, it can be roughly classified into the following two types:

A frame type: which has a frame according to the material can be divided into;
A aluminum alloy frame, B stainless steel frame, this kind of shower room to open the door means generally used – moving door, the market is the product of aluminum alloy frame.
1.Surface treatment: The general shower door frame (aluminum alloy) material surface on the market can be divided into coating (powder or liquid), oxidation, sandblasting (sand silver) 3, some color materials for choice.

2. Semi-frameless or frameless: This generally adopt the way of hinge flat to open the door, the material of hinge and zinc alloy can be divided into A, B, stainless steel, full copper C, D, aluminum alloy is now on the market of shower room are all made of stainless steel, copper and aluminum titanium alloy hinge, the medium are all made of zinc alloy hinge, alloy is easy to use for A long time after the fracture phenomenon such as surface oxidation, alloy electroplating,

Generally do not recommend guests to buy!

The purchase of shower room:

1. The overall appearance: whatever the shower room, simple shower room, whole room or steam room, when purchasing needs to pay attention to whether or not the surface there are scratches, sharp metal cross section is (clean easily injured), junction box if closed, the casing outside the above any finishing plastic or metal plate, whether the switch is smooth, the door shut whether magnetic stripe suction (direct effect on the waterproof effect).

2 Door material: tempered glass first around the grinding edge is smooth, whether there are cracks, whether the plane of the glass has serious scratches. It should be noted that some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of heat reinforced glass or semi-toughened glass, its strength is only 1″2 times of the general glass, and its rupture and general glass is no different.It can’t compare with tempered glass.

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