Curved glass curtain wall can be realized in two basic ways.
Small plates are used to fit surfaces, and quadrilateral plates are the most common. This method is more suitable for surfaces with large bending radius.
In addition to quadrilateral, triangular panel (three-point plane) combined with reticulated shell is the most adaptable surface fitting, which is often used for complex and large curvature shapes.
This combination of multiple planes is simple and efficient in the way of fitting the curved surface and often forms the unique light and shadow effect of the folded surface.
Fitting the curved surface with the folding surface of the flat plate is simple and efficient, and at the same time, it forms a special folding effect under the irradiation of light.
Triangles and rhombus are used to fit relatively regular surfaces.
Three points on one side, triangular flat surface is the most easy to fit the status quo, especially complex, irregular irregular shape.
Multiple pieces of curved glass are combined to form an overall curved surface, which has a better overall sense of compliance and is more suitable for curved surfaces with large curvature.

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