Classification Of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are divided according to the opening method: fixed windows, upper suspension windows, middle suspension windows, lower suspension windows, vertical turn windows, swing doors and windows, pulley swing windows, pulley windows, swing down doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, sliding windows, open windows, folding doors, floor spring doors, lifting sliding doors, sliding pull folding doors, sliding doors inside and down. Aluminum windows are classified according to performance: ordinary doors and windows, sound insulation doors and windows, and heat insulation doors and windows. Divided according to application parts: inner doors and windows, outer doors and windows. Classification by series model: 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, etc.

The advantage of the casement window is that it has a large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, and excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation and impermeability. It is convenient to clean the window when it is inside; it does not take up space when it is opened outside. The disadvantage is that the window is small and the view is not wide. The opening of the outer window takes up a space outside the wall, which is easy to be damaged when the wind blows; and the inner window needs to occupy part of the indoor space. The use of screens is inconvenient, and the use of screens and curtains when opening If the quality is not enough, it may seep rain.

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