Aluminium folding doors are very popular among foreign market.Its elegant appearance, modern design and high quality get everyone’s approval. The aluminium folding doors have these advantages:

The doors are carefully designed and selected, and the sealing performance is improved several times than the original doors . They can isolate the noise of more than 30 decibels outside the door.

2. Windproof
Ultra-thick profile, exquisite three-dimensional structure design, fixed on the frame of doors with screws to ensure firmness.

3. Waterproof
The frame of the door adopts a three-cavity design with strong rigidity and independent drainage cavity to ensure smooth drainage under any circumstances.

4. Insulation
Using high-quality heat insulation materials, it has strong flame retardant and fireproof performance.

5. Water tightness and air tightness
Imported tape is used, resistant to Aqing for more than 10 years, air tightness is less than 0.5 m/M.H, and water tightness is greater than 350PA, which can prevent heavy storms from hitting doors.

6. Surface
After anti-corrosion and anti-aging treatment, the surface can be fresh and beautiful in any place and any environment.

7. Open and close
The friction coefficient of the pulley guide rail is extremely low, and the opening and closing is convenient, stable and no noise

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