All On Sale Types Of Shower Room

1.Frameless Glass Shower Room: This frameless glass shower room is suitable for any style, no matter what kind of shape, square or round, etc., with elegant and classic appearance this is more suitable for modern style bathroom decoration.

2.Aluminum Glass Shower Room: Glass-mounted shower in an aluminum frame, this frame shower is a classic, still fit in a modern style and can be used in a variety of styles.

3.Glass Block Shower Room: The glass blocks themselves are textured and patterned, and they have distinct lines that provide a clean, cool look to the bathroom.

4.Moving Glass Shower Room: Want a beautiful and simple glass shower room, can be installed swing space, can try to choose this sliding glass door, can be said to be a very space-saving choice, but also very fashionable, sliding can be customized, can be said to adapt to any style and bathroom space

5.Textured Glass Shower Room: This textured glass shower looks like water flowing down the glass, but also adds a beautiful texture and creates a spa-like feel. Textured glass can also be used to mask certain details while achieving clarity, making the bathroom look larger.

6.Double Door Frosted Glass Shower Room: Double door frosted glass shower room has two out of the entrance of the glass shower door is not only practical, but also can reflect a sense of design, let a person know that the shower room can also be designed through their own ideas become more special.

7.Tile Glass  Door Shower Room: A shower room with glass doors and ceramic tile walls is full of features, making the bathroom look open. The tiled surround with frameless glass Windows not only makes the shower feel larger, but also provides plenty of light.

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