1. Dry and wet separation

The whole BAI shower room can divide DU into an independent bath space, achieving Zhi dry and wet separation.The installation of a full Zhuan shower room in the DAO toilet is a reasonable choice for SHU.Can create a relatively independent wash bath space to avoid mutual influence so, convenient daily life.

2. Save space

The space of some domestic toilet is small, install no less than bathtub, and shower room can save many Spaces.With the integral shower room, when using the shower head, the water will not splash outside and make the whole toilet floor wet.

3. Insulation effect

Winter, use integral shower room to still can have the effect of heat preservation.Water vapor is gathered in a small space, the heat will not be lost quickly, let a person feel very warm.And if the bathroom is larger, and there is no shower room, even if there is heating, also often feel very cold.

4. Decoration

The modelling of integral shower room is rich, colour is bright-colored, besides having the function that wash bath, itself still is a very good adornment.

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