A Simple Way To Distinguish The Quality Of Aluminium

In order to make the doors and Windows of your home, sliding door push and pull, “carefree” rise, in the selection and purchase of aluminum alloy profile to be cautious, should use simple method to make a preliminary judgment to product quality.

First of all, to check whether the thickness of the section of the aluminum alloy profile is consistent with the labeled model;

Secondly, whether the aluminum alloy profile has obvious distortion, whether the surface is smooth, there are no white spots, black spots, there are no cracks, burr or peeling, scratches, etc., if there is the best not to buy;

Again, carefully check whether the same aluminum alloy profile surface color has different shades of color difference, color difference that quality is not reliable; Then put a few of the same model profiles together for comparison, color difference is not suitable to buy;

Finally, with a smooth hard parts gently across the surface of the aluminum alloy profile, will leave a white scratch, gently wipe the scratch with the hand, if you can easily erase, that profile surface oxide film thickness qualified, can rest assured to buy;Otherwise, the material may have quality problems.

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