1. The process is relatively simple, mainly thanks to the improvement of the automatic precision of the main equipment in the production process, the microcomputer control of some main technical parameters can be achieved, which effectively reduces the difficulty of process operation, and the auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced;

2. The reject rate is high. Under normal circumstances, the occurrence of unqualified products can be controlled to the maximum extent if various measures are appropriate;

3. The energy consumption is significantly reduced. In the production process of ordinary anodic oxidation and electrophoresis coating, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, especially in the oxidation process.Rectifier output current can reach 8000~11000A, voltage between 15~17.5V, coupled with the heat consumption of the machine itself, the need to constantly use circulating water to cool down, ton of power consumption is often about 1000 degrees, while the reduction of auxiliary facilities can also reduce some power consumption;

4. To water, air pollution level is reduced, flake alkali, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvent is no longer used, reduce water and air pollution, but also effectively improve the competition strength of aluminum profile and plastic steel profile as environmental protection products, reduce some production costs accordingly;

5. The labor intensity of the workers is significantly reduced. Because of the use of automatic assembly line, the feeding mode and the use mode of the fixture have been significantly simplified, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.

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