The basicest requirement that shower cubicles dimension chooses is the person must want to have enough space when entering shower room to wash bath, cannot have the feeling that space is restricted.
Shower cubicles width: the body when should make sure to use at least can rotate freely, won’t always bump into glass. Generally with 900mm*900mm is appropriate, if the family body is relatively fat, you can also make it 1000mm*1000mm, or bathroom room space is limited, make it 850mm*850mm is also OK, but it is best not less than 800mm*800mm.

Shower cubicles height: ceiling height is 2400 mm, usually  shower cubicles height is 1800 mm to 2000 mm, mostly the standard height is 1.95 meters (1950 mm) and 1.9 meters (1900 mm), height, can also according to the family to adjust the actual space, also need to pay attention to and the location of the shower, is too low, easy to splash water, aesthetically, high permeability.

The size of the square standard shower room has 3 kinds of specifications: 800*1000*1950 mm, 900*1000*1950 mm, 1000*1000*1950 mm
The size of the diamond-shaped standard shower room has four specifications: 900*900*1950mm, 900*1200*1950mm, 1000*1000*1950mm, 1200*1200*1950mm;
There are also 4 specifications for non-standard size: 850*900*1950 mm, 950*950*1950 mm, 850*1000*1950 mm, 900*1100*1950 mm.
If you want to make the most of it, you can also customize any size of non-standard, but the price is of course higher.

The standard arc fan showercubicles size is: 900*900㎜, 900*1000㎜, 900*1200㎜, 1000*1000㎜, 1000*1000㎜, 1000*1300㎜, 1000*1100㎜, 1200*1200㎜.Size of fan shower room is the length that installs according to both sides wall will calculate actually.

Warm tips: fan shower cubicles, adults use the general size of 900*900mm, if you do not have to consider the comfort, the smallest size of the fan shower room can do 800*800mm, if it is small, it can not be used.

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